Soff-dry Polishing System

concrete dry polishing

Transgrind Soff-dry Polishing System For Soft-Medium Fresh Green Concrete Floor RestorationDry Use


The Soff-dry Polishing System is specifically designed for dry polishing soft-medium concrete floors, fresh concrete floor and green concrete floors with hardness levels ranging from C20 and below to C20-C25. This system is tailored to provide effective dry polishing solutions for these types of concrete surfaces, enhancing their appearance and durability.

Soff-dry Polishing System Dry Use



For Soft-medium concrete floor, Fresh concrete floor, Green concrete floor (Hardness C20 and below, C20-C25).


hybrid dry polishing pad                    resin bond polishing pad

Item No.: GHR75D                                                                                                                               Item No.: GRF80               

Product Name: 3” Hybrid Polishing Pad                                                                                               Product Name: 3” Resin Polishing Pad

Features: 8 Pie Shape Style, Velcro Backing                                                                                       Features: Spiral Style, Velcro Backing

Grits: #30, 50, 100, 200, 400                                                                                                                Grits#800, 1500, 3000 

Usage: Dry polishing                                                                                                                             Usage: Dry polishing


Steps for Achieving a Satisfied Polishing Result

dry diamond polishing pads

Step 1: Transition Tools Usage

Tool: GHR75D

Grit: #30, 50, 100, 200, 400

Purpose: These tools are used to smooth the surface in dry condition and prepare it for the final polishing stages.


Step 2: Initial Polishing with Resin Bond Polishing Pads

Pad: GRF80

Grit: #800

Process: Attach the #800 grit resin bond polishing pad to the polishing machine. Begin polishing the surface, ensuring even coverage.


Step 3: Intermediate Polishing (If Necessary)

Pad: GRF80

Grit: #1500

Process: If a higher level of shine is required, switch to the #1500 grit polishing pad. Repeat the polishing process, moving the pad methodically across the surface.


Step 4: Final Polishing (If Necessary)

Pad: GRF80

Grit: #3000

Process: For an exceptional finish, use the #3000 grit polishing pad. Perform the polishing with attention to detail, ensuring a uniform high-gloss finish.



Using the #800 grit pad generally provides a great shine for most surfaces. However, if an even higher polish is needed, the #1500 and #3000 grit pads can be used sequentially to enhance the shine and achieve a satisfied polishing result.

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